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Keep kids safe. Remember that while you're there, you're the responsible adult - make sure you model safe behavior. Know where first aid supplies are kept and how to use them - consider taking a first aid course. Make sure that emergency numbers are clearly posted. In addition to 911, you'll also want to have available those of the children's parents, your parents, a trusted neighbor, the doctor and the poison control center. Post the address and telephone number of where you're babysitting, too, so you don't forget it in an emergency. If you need help, call - even if you're not sure it's a real emergency. "It's always ok to call," Wright says.

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Home-Based Business Insurance" Business insurance costs money, but not having business insurance can cost even more. Here's an explanation of the types of business insurance home-based businesses need and how to save money on the cost of business insurance.

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The coveted BBB International Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics attracts over a thousand entries from businesses of all sizes throughout North America.

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This book covers strategy from the ground up, explaining what strategy is, how to put together a strategic plan, what tools and resources are necessary to execute it, and how to measure results.

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Ted says the biggest business challenge 27th Avenue faces is "Where and how much to spend on advertising dollars. That includes understanding and utilizing the major search engines and the directories? constant changes in their ranking system, to keep ahead of the growing competition." Early on the company tried advertising in free and low-cost directories like citynews.com. Now all the attention is on paid-advertising giants Yahoo! and Google, and the competition for placement makes it increasingly tough for small businesses to compete.

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Be wary of appeals that are long on emotion, but short on describing what the charity will do to address the needs of victims and their families. Also see if the charity's appeal explains what the charity intends to do with any excess contributions remaining after they have fully funded the disaster relief activities mentioned in solicitations.

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Finding Your Niche Here are a few tips on how to find that homebased opportunity you're looking for.

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"Calculating The Home-Based Business Tax Deduction" There are tax deductions specific to home-based businesses. This outline of Canadian home-based business tax deductions includes how to calculate the business-use-of-home tax deduction.

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